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Some of my iPhone WebApps:

Hvor er du? er en WebApp, som viser din og dine venners position på et kort, så I kan se hvor I er i forhold til hinanden.

Positionsopdateringer gemmes i max. 2 minutter på en server.

Åbn Hvor er du?

Hitchhiker can register which pasengers you bring in your car for billing later or just for keeping record.

Records are stored in the Web SQL Database available through JavaScript. It also uses CSS3 features to flip pages.

Hitchhiker uses client-side caching to allow offline use.

Try touching the Hitchhiker title!

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Swarm is a work-in-progress canvas project, which emulates the old Swarm screensaver, but this time in HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Swarm emulates a number of wasps being chased by a number of bees. I can stare on their interaction for hours!

Swarm contains a settings page - touch the background to reveal the button.

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Geolocation uses the navigator.geolocation to find the location of your iPhone.

When a position has been acquired the contents of the location message is displayed, and a button allows you to send an email to a friend with a Google Maps link showing where you are right now.

When the accuracy of the received location is below 100m the position acqusition is stopped to save battery.

Launch Geolocation

Shooter is a mock-up of a GUI widget that allows you to enter how many points you just scored in a shooting match. The score is displayed on the background.

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Ugenummer is a Danish WebApp that calculates the week number according to ISO 8601 for a date you specify.

The date selection uses the wonderfull Spinning Wheel from cubiq.org

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Presentation is a iUI-powered WebApp that was used as an interactive gadget for attendees to a lecture on iPhone WebApps i did for an iPhone developer network in Aalborg, Denmark.

The iUI WebApp followed the chapters in the presentation and presented links to specific subjects in the presentation, so the the attendees could try out examples for themselves during the presentation.

Launch Presentation

Nibe Festival 2010 was one of my first iUI projects, which I made as an unofficial festival programme, capable of offline usage.

I made Nibe Festival 2010 using iUI because I wanted to have a programme with me when I went to the festival, and I couldn't find any programmes suitable for iPhone.

In 2013 the Nibe Festival got a real app in App Store, which I was a beta tester for.

Launch Nibe Festival 2010